Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Pink Rhodochrosite Stones, Circular Hoop Dangle Earrings



These handcrafted sterling silver hoop earrings feature tiny rhodochrosite pebbles swinging in the center of the hoops. The little pink stones are a pale watermelon reddish pink color with faint cream and gray frilly bands. As is the case with natural stones, they don't perfectly match: one stone is slightly more purplish pink with gray designs while the other is more watermelon with ivory. The brightly polished, hammer textured silver hoops sparkle drawing attention to the rhodochrosite stones they frame. These delightful pink stone silver earrings convey the cheerful friendliness and positive associations of the color pink, with a down-to-earth edge. Just like pink flowers in a garden, they send their cheefulness abroad. They'd make the perfect gift for your best girlfriend with a passion for healthy living, and an open loving nature.


  • Genuine rhodochrosite
  • Sterling silver wire


  • Rhodochrosite small nugget beads are about 1/4-inch wide by 3/8-inch long
  • Circular hoops are just under 1-inch in diameter
  • 1.875-inches long from the top of the handmade ear hooks

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