Snakeskin Jasper Earrings in Copper, Coiled Wire Wrap Stone Bead Earrings, Nickel-Free Ear Hooks



Simple at first glance, but take a closer look at these little jasper earrings. You'll find interesting touches in the coiled wire wrap drop and the subtle scale-like pattern in the jasper stones. A study in brown and mint green, the snakeskin jasper stones are cool. The natural stone beads have a "broken glass" or scale pattern where earthy brown and tan tones mix with pale sage or mint green. Dark patina copper wire is the perfect complement to the stones. The coiled wire wrapped stem of the ornament has two layers of wraps adding visual depth and a sense of movement to these small earrings. Matching the copper finish, anodized niobium nickel-free ear hooks complete the earrings, making these wire wrap stone bead earrings safe to wear for nearly all women.

Snakeskin jasper earrings details:

  • Earrings for women with pierced ears
  • Niobium earhooks are nickel-free and allergy safe
  • Handcrafted wire and stone bead drop made from solid copper wire and jasper stones
  • 1.375 inches (35mm) long from the top of the short drop ear hooks

To make these coiled wire drop earrings, I used snakeskin jasper natural stone beads in two sizes, 8mm round and 4mm rondel. I selected the stone beads for near-matching color and pattern. The larger stones are rather different from each other, one is definitely greener than the other and shows more of the namesake scale pattern. Still, all four jasper stones blend in overall tone and pattern. I used pure copper wire to wrap the stones, coiling it around itself in two layers and wrap lengths to make a short stem between the two jasper stones. After generating a dark brown antique patina on the copper, I waxed and buffed the metal to bring out some bright coppery highlights. Please refer to the last photo of the earrings on a life-size paper photograph to help you judge the size of these handmade earrings.

I love to make - and wear - small earrings that pack a bit of punch by using interesting stones and adding artisic detail. I hope you like them too.

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