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Simple Chrysoprase Drop Earrings, Green Stone Nugget Earrings in Oxidized Sterling Silver



Pretty green chrysoprase semiprecious gemstone nuggets are simply strung on sterling silver wire to hang on sleek handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks. These simple chrysoprase drop earrings are sure to become an everyday favorite pair. The brilliant green - a cross between emerald and granny smith apple - and glowing translucence of chrysoprase are accentuated in the oxidized silver setting. These green stone nuggets are lumpy, and have their flaws, but that just makes the gemstone more accessible and affordable, and the earrings more endearing.

Chrysoprase is a type of chalcedony quartz, and like chalcedony it has beautiful translucence that seems to glow from within. For the jewelry-making trade, it is often cut with some of the brown matrix rock to make striking high contrast stone cabochons. There's a hint of brown in these green stones, too. As with all of my pebble earrings, these chrysoprase pebbles don't quite match: one stone is darker than the other and a bit chunkier; the rounder stone is a mintier shade of green. Together, the two stones present a good picture of chrysoprase, and might make you want to get to know this green stone better.

  • Chrysoprase gemstone nugget beads are chunky somewhat rounded cubes about 3/8-inch high and wide
  • Please store your chrysoprase jewelry in a pouch or covered drawer when not wearing it. The gemstone will fade if kept in constant light.
  • Handcrafted in 925 (sterling) silver with a dark grey antique patina
  • 1 1/2-inches (38mm) long from the top of the ear hooks

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