Rustic Rhyolite Rain Forest Jasper and Jade Earrings, Earthy Green and Brown Stone Earrings in Dark Copper



Rustic natural stone drop earrings feature mottled green with creamy white rhyolite and golden brown jade. The green and brown stones are a feast of pattern and texture. I used faceted squashed rounds of rhyolite (sometimes seen as rain forest jasper). The stones hare a dark olive green with patches golden brown and of creamy white quartz. They are nicely polished and reflect light off the cuts. The brown jade stones are saucer shaped. The jade is a golden brown color and the beads have a matte or frosted texture.

I used rhyolite faceted rondel cut beads that are about 8mm across. I’ve strung them onto copper wire with a wire work knot at the bottom. I placed a wavy copper-plated pewter disk between the rhyolite and jade stones. I stacked 6 jade saucers to make a shaft for the rainforest jasper pendulum. The creamy tan and green rhyolite and the golden brown jade blend harmoniously with the dark antique copper wire and handcrafted ear hooks.

My rhyolite and gold leaf jasper earrings are 1 7/8-inches long or about 48mm.

These are simple earth-toned natural stone earrings that you will love to wear every day. They are not “too long” at just under 2-inches so they would make a great gift (if you are a little unsure of someone’s preferences). Pair them with whites, dark brown, any shade of green or blue, cream, peach, yellow; anything in your closet (except for maybe that metallic silver number way in the back).


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