Rustic Pearl Earrings on Copper Heart Wires, Dark Copper Heart Earrings with Cream Color Potato Pearls



Pretty, not quite round, creamy white pearls with the slightest hint of rose, dangle luminously on rustic copper heart earrings. There's nothing quite like the lovely pearly iridescence of pearls, and dark copper shows it off splendidly. Choose these handcrafted pearl earrings because you love pearls and need a new everyday pair. These rustic pearl earrings would make a fun conversation starter on your next Zoom or online meeting. Or give these earrings to someone you'd love to be with during the pandemic. These dark copper heart earrings with their creamy pearls will say "I'm happy you're my friend, I've missed you" with an artistic piece of jewelry she'll love to wear often.

To make these rustic pearl earrings, I first crafted the ear hooks with their cute heart shaped loops. I worked the pure copper wire with pliers, hands, and hammer, carefully mirror matching the hearts and smoothing the ends of the ear wires. The earrings were tumble polished , antiqued, and polished again. I hand wired the freshwater cultured pearls in copper, looping them securely onto the heart earrings. I love pebbles and pearls and tried to squeeze that love and fun and sense of play into each and every pair of heart earrings.

The earrings measure just under 1.25 inches long from the top of the ear hooks. That's about 32mm. The not quite round potato pearls are about 5/16 inch wide (8mm).

These cute heart earrings are ready to ship. I usually mail your items within three days of receiving your order. 

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