Rustic Earrings with Red African Trade Beads and Black Lava Stone, Sterling Silver



Striking colors and rustic design, these handcrafted earrings will appeal to your tribal instincts. An accessible blend of African trade beads and natural lava stone these bouncy baubles will accessorize your black red or white ensemble in bold ethnic style.

Red African bead earrings details:

  • Red white and black modern chevron beads
  • Lava rock beads and blackstone discs
  • Hand worked sterling silver wire wrap and ear hooks
  • Made with care in my Colorado home studio
  • 1.875 inches long, 48mm

These rustic earrings feature African trade bead style chevron beads. These are small barrel-shaped glass beads made from multi-layered glass. The ends are worked in such a way that you can see the colors of (in this case) the three layers of glass in little sawtooth points. I was delighted to find these red chevron beads in a mixed lot of jewelry-making supplies I acquired. I believe they are modern made versions of African trade beads. Originally, the beads were made by Italian glass workers and true African trade beads in this style are highly prized and rare. Nowadays, new chevrons are primarily made in India. The style is colorful and intricate and speaks "ethnic". 

My design started with the small red African style beads. I chose black lava stone beads for their interesting texture and not-quite-perfect round shape to go with the red chevron beads. The red glass beads really pop against the black lava, and the lumpy stones bring a primitive rustic handworked quality to the design. Brightly polished sterling silver is a refined element and works with the little white points of the chevrons.

I strung one approximately 12mm diameter lava rock beads, a 5mm diameter blackstone saucer, and the melon shaped African beads on a single sterling silver wire. This natural stone and glass bead ornament swings on my handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks. Look closely and you'll see silver spirals in the dangle and on the earhooks framing the red white and black beads.