Rustic Aquamarine Necklace with Blue Flash Labradorite Stones, Single Strand Necklace Monochromatic Aqua, Natural Stones



Stunning and versatile to dress up or down, this aquamarine beaded necklace features Aquamarine gemstone chips and nuggets, with labradorite rounds, and fine silver Om embossed beads by Thai Hill Tribes artisans. The rustic aquamarine chips display a range of subtle aqua blue to bluish green shades and tones. The gray labradorite is tonally similar its blue schiller enhances the aquamarine's color impact.

This rustic aquamarine necklace not only celebrates March's birthstone, but also paints an impression of the month itself or how I picture the March breeze in my mind's eye. The colors are moody, but filled with promise. March is a month of change and shifting seasons, grey skies and blue, snow and mud, wind and more wind.

I included the Om beads for their bright silvery highlights but also for their symbolism. If there ever was a month that displayed all three qualities of Nature at once or in sequence, it is March. March winds blow with energy, activity, passion and agitation (Rajas). Plant life still sleeps, animals hibernate, and we humans struggle to get motivated in March expressing the principle of inertia, darkness, dullness, and resistance (Tamas). And, after we get over thinking "wow, can it be March already?" we find harmony  (Sattva) and clarity as we welcome spring. 

This aquamarine and labradorite necklace is finished to a little over 16-inches long. It closes with my handcrafted sterling silver hook and eye. This March statement necklace would make the perfect gift for your favorite March-born girlfriend, daughter, or yoga partner. Any woman who welcomes spring with a frenzy of house-cleaning and garden-planning will appreciate this natural stone necklace's symbolism and easy-going wardrobe options. Worn with jeans and a tee or a gray dress or suit for work or Zoom you'll be happy to have this gemstone necklace in your natural stone jewelry collection.

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