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Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearl Cluster Earrings, Pink Stone Earrings Sterling Silver



Handcrafted rose quartz and pearl cluster earrings feature pale pink stones and cream and pink freshwater pearls in bright sterling silver. Pale pink and translucent, rose quartz long chip beads form the center of these pearl and stone cluster earrings. Each earring features a rose quartz stone bead about 5/8-inch long (15mm), six white freshwater nugget pearls 1/8 to ¼-inch in size and two pink pearls. The creamy white nugget pearls seem to take on a pink glow from the rose quartz and the purplish pink dyed pearls. The stones and pearls are wrapped with sterling silver wire and hang as a cluster from a handcrafted hammered sterling silver ring. I made the sterling silver ear wire in an elongated marquise shape with a backward turned loop for attaching the dangle. This creates a long clean line of silver coming down from the piercing that focuses the eye on the rose quartz and pearl cluster.

The natural rose quartz chip beads are not precisely cut, rather they are freeform tumbled shapes that I selected to match for these earrings. By choosing “casual” shapes – tumbled chip beads and nugget pearls – these gemstone and pearl earrings lend their elegance to every day accessorizing.

  • Natural rose quartz
  • Freshwater pearls (bleached, dyed)
  • Sterling silver artisan crafted ear wire
  • Dangle length 1 1/4”
  • Earring length is a little over 2”

For those who follow stone and crystal healing properties, rose quartz is a powerful stone of forgiveness and unconditional love. It can help reverse and release negative feelings that might be holding you back or making you sick. Pink is a pretty and sociable color - it tends to lighten one's mood. I can't promise that these rose quartz pearl cluster earrings will make you feel better, but they sure are cute!

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