Striped Green Stone Earrings in Oxidized Sterling Silver, Unique Ricolite Stones



Simple and modern in style, these handcrafted drop earrings are earthy, too. They feature ricolite, a type of serpentine mineral from New Mexico that is generally banded or striped in shades of green to sandy tan to black. According to Mindat, in ricolite, serpentine is interbanded with talc making the mineral somewhat soft. It still takes a nice polish as these stones exhibit.

The ricolite pair used in these earrings are gracefully tapering rectangles, about 5 x 20mm in width by length. This means the stones are a little under one inch long. The color is a rich olive or leafy green layered with darker and greyer green bands. I set them in sterling silver with just a simple hanging loop at the top of the stones and a slight flourish of silver covering the drill hole at front. I gave the silver an antiqued finish that complements the greyish tones I see within the green. The understated wire work setting and the geometric shape of the earrings is modern and minimalist in style. 

These handcrafted ricolite earrings are a smidgen longer than 1.5-inches or about 38mm.

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These ricolite stones were cut by Marc at Hampton's Rock Shop in Kerby Oregon. You can follow Hampton's on Facebook and drool over Marc's work here: