Rhodochrosite Earrings in Dark Patina Sterling Silver, Handcrafted Pink Stone Dangle Earrings



Light pink rhodochrosite stones with interesting striations, dance beneath rustic hammered silver rings and nickel-free niobium ear hooks in these handcrafted dangle earrings. These pink stone earrings display large (about 0.5-inch diameter) coin shaped beads of rhdochrosite in a simple sterling silver wire wrap. The darkened silver setting creates a classic pink and gray color scheme. The petal pink color evokes sweetness and love and it is calming and approachable. That makes these pink rhodochrosite earrings a lovely gift for a girlfriend, sister, mom, or best friend; you know, all the nurturers in your life.


  • Real Rhodochrosite Gemstones
  • Handcrafted using .925 silver and pure niobium
  • Sterling silver has a dark antique patina
  • Pink stones measure about 1/2-inch in diameter
  • Earrings are 1.375 inches long, 35mm long

I've made one pair of these pink stone dangle earrings. They are ready-to-ship and you will receive the same pair that you see in the photos.

Fun facts about rhodochrosite: Rhdochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral, found in a range of pink shades from petal pink, coral, watermelon, to raspberry red. It can also be brown or yellow if other metals like iron, magnesium, or calcium replace some or all of the manganese. It can form as stalactites in rock cavities and this material has beautiful concentric banding patterns, evidence of the layered growth of the stone. Rhodochrosite is the state mineral of Colorado, and some of the world's finest and rarest rhdochrosite crystal specimens come from Colorado. 


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