Rhodochrosite Earrings, Argentium Silver Wire Wrapped Pink Stone Earrings in Dainty Drop Style



Lacy patterned tiny pink rhodochrosite pebbles swing on bright finished argentium silver earrings in these dainty drop earrings by Pebbles At My Feet. Rhodochrosite natural stones reveal shades of strawberry, watermelon, and coral pink in bands and frilly chevrons across the small pebbles. The pink stone earrings are small and easy-to-wear for any and everyday accessorizing. 

  • Genuine rhodochrosite stones measure about 7/16-inch long by 5/16-inch wide or 10mm x 8mm
  • Made by hand using natural stone beads and argentium (0.934) silver wire
  • Argentium silver is slower to tarnish than sterling with slightly higher silver content
  • Small pink stones have an organic, natural, tumbled pebble shape
  • Handcrafted earrings for pierced ears are very dainty at 1.25 inches long (~31mm)

Meet a new stone with these petite pebble earrings. Rhodochrosite is a pink stone that can be earthy or sweet in color. These particular pebbles are a luscious watermelon color with pale coral and ivory bands. The color will pair with purple, herbal green, other shades of pink, and of course, black and white.

In metaphysics, rhodochrosite is believed to be a stone of love. Perhaps it is the pink color, or the fact it is found in deep caves (towards the heart of the Earth) but the gemstone is supposed to help heal one's own past traumas of the heart and open it to loving others. It is a stone of compassion, comfort, harmony, and healing. That's a lot to ask of these tiny pebbles, but you will find, at a minimum, pleasure in studying their colors and patterns.

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