Red Sesame Jasper Pebble Earrings in Oxidized Sterling Silver, Rustic Pebble Drop Earrings, Minimalist Style



These handcrafted pebble earrings are a simple drop style. They feature red sesame jasper stones in lumpy round pebble shapes. The stones are a dark brick red color with lines of slate grey and lighter grey running through in speckles and stripes. The antiqued sterling silver setting accents the grey stripes. The look is rustic, subdued, and earthy; perfect for a go-with-anything everyday accessory.

The red sesame jasper pebbles are irregular rounds about 3/8-inch in diameter. I've strung them on sterling silver wire, wrapping a floret or knot at the bottom to hold the stones and a nice round loop at the top for dangling them. They swing on sterling silver ear hooks in a graceful French hook style. The drop is short and the earrings hang just a little over 1-inch long.

Pebble earrings are a great way to meet and make new friends of stones. They are casual, easygoing and have a "straight from the earth" kind of feel. You probably didn't even know about red sesame jasper until now. Well, here it is ready to decorate your day. Pebble earrings make great gifts for your hiking buddy. Mark the memory of that certain gravelly path you took together with a gift of pebbles for her ears. 


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