Raw Stone Bib Necklace in Copper, Pale Peach Quartz Crystal Points



This raw stone bib necklace features pale peach color rock crystal points. Five quartz crystal points are set with natural color copper beads into a fine copper cable chain with rich dark patina. This edgy raw stone necklace is made somewhat delicate by the glowing peach or apricot color of the crystals. The piece is finished to 19 inches in length, and closes with my handcrafted copper S-hook. This little quartz necklace will be a great addition to your layering jewelry or one that can easily stand alone every day of the week. It is a great length for wearing atop a crew neckline or mock tee.


  • Quartz crystals vary in size but average 0.25-inch wide by 1.125-inches long
  • Bib of 5 points is 1.5 inches wide
  • Necklace 19-inches long


  • Rock crystal quartz
  • Solid copper fine cable link chain
  • Solid copper beads
  • Solid copper wire, various sizes

I liked the clarity of these raw crystals and the soft peach color. The quartz crystals look a bit more pinkish orange to my eyes than to my camera, I think. Although I try my best to show the natural stones in my jewelry, some colors - especially pastels - are difficult to get just right. But they do have a yellowish glow that the photos show well. 

I hand wired five pieces of quartz with tiny copper beads between them into the links of a copper chain. The darkened copper chain is a nice contrast with the pale yellowish orange color of the crystal points. The clasp is a copper wire work S-hook that closes on little wire wrapped links with either hand.

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