Rainbow Earrings with Quartz Crystal Point, Rainbow Gemstone Earrings



These handcrafted sterling silver earrings showcase natural stone chips in rainbow colors and a slender raw quartz crystal dangle. Long earrings with earthy style and loads of positive energy will have you remembering, perhaps reliving, your hippie earth muffin days in artistic style and a big smile on your face.

Raw stone gemstone rainbow dangle earrings details:

  • Small natural stone chips in 7 rainbow colors
  • Garnet, Agate (x2), Peridot, Lapis, Iolite, Amethyst
  • Natural white-clear quartz point 
  • Sterling silver wire and handcrafted ear hooks with dark antique patina
  • 2.875-inches long, 72mm long

I stacked small stone chips in the seven chakra or rainbow colors together to make a drop. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet - they are all here although since they are natural stones the colors aren't quite as intense as you'd get from a prism or colored glass. Set in sterling silver with a dark grey antique patina, the gemstone rainbow glows in a natural way like the real thing does against a still-stormy sky. The clear quartz point hangs like a droplet below the rainbow stack. 

These earrings are perfect for any casual wardrobe and complement a literal rainbow of color choices. Any nature-loving, sky-watching, spiritual woman will adore these, so give with confidence or treat yourself to a bit of nature to wear.

The last photo shows these long dangle earrings next to a US quarter dollar coin. Please note: coin is not included in your jewelry purchase!