Purple Fluorite Pebble Earrings, Short Drop Earrings with Pale Purple Stones



These purple fluorite pebble earrings are a wonderful everyday accessory. Pale purple stones with brilliant lens-like clarity are simply wire wrapped in bright sterling silver wire. They dance on artistically handcrafted sterling silver earhooks for a minimalist but sweet and friendly style.

  • Pale purple pebbles are about 3/8" in size, irregularly rounded cubes
  • Fluorite stones also known as Fluorspar
  • Handcrafted in sterling silver wire
  • Made in my Colorado high country home studio
  • 1 3/16-inches long from the top of the handmade ear wires
  • ~30mm total length

My pebble earrings are short drop earrings that display a single stone that's usually a tumbled stone of irregular shape. They are a fun way to wear your gemstones; very accessible for any day. These purple fluorite earrings are cute purple earrings that would please any woman on your gift list. The short drop style is universally apealing, making these purple stone earrings a great gift for daughter, mom, or your busy best friend. Sometimes small is better and these little earrings are so easy-to-wear, your outfit will be complete, even on a lazy Saturday morning.