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Prehnite Semiprecious Stone Earrings, Copper Wishbone Earrings



Pale green prehnite semiprecious stones grace these simple copper wishbone earrings. Sleek and simple, these rustic drop earrings are a no-fuss style you'll reach for every day. These earrings make a subtle fall statement with the moody pale green stones and bark brown copper patina. I've always thought that prehnite could represent the color of rain, and the greenish cast to a cloudy fall day. The small green stone beads have an internal translucent glow as well as a bit of sparkle from the surface facets. The almost colorless stones will look great with greyish blues, rich lush greens and reds, or keep your outfit neutral and earth toned with these copper prehnite earrings.


  • Prehnite stone beads are 6mm in diameter (about 1/4-inch)
  • Earrings measure 1 1/4-inch long


  • Prehnite faceted stone beads
  • Copper wire

To make these deceptively simple earrings, I started with two lengths of copper wire. I used a torch to melt a ball at one end of the wire. I then flattened and textured the ball end with my hammer so that the wire would hold the stone bead in place. After slipping the prehnite beads on, I formed the wishbone shape with hand and pliers then went to work again with my hammer. The hammer marks add great rustic texture but working the wire this way also hardens it to help it hold its shape. Still, copper is a soft metal, even after working this way, so don't sleep in your earrings. You'll end up with a bent mess, especially if you toss and turn like I do!


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