Pink Opal Pebble Earrings, Multi Stone Dangle Earrings in Shades of Pink and Peach, Nickel-Free Ear Wires



These long pink opal pebble earrings present a cascading trio of pastel pink and peach natural gemstones. These earthy but delicate multi-stone dangle earrings in shades of pink and peach will add natural style to your pink wardrobe. These slinky linear earrings with their nickel-free ear hooks, would make a welcome gift for the woman who loves stone jewelry and wears long dangle earrings. Pink stones like opal, are said to vibrate with feelings of calmness, love, and cheerfulness. A gift of pink stone jewelry is perfect for someone who is anxious and needs to feel grounded and loved again. Besides, pebble earrings are playful, cheerful things, anyway; and these handcrafted earrings are pebbles times 3!!

  • Handcrafted long dangle earrings for pierced ears
  • Made with sterling silver and nickel-free niobium wire for the ear hooks
  • Peru pink opal natural stone pebble beads in multiple shades of pink
  • Made in my Colorado high country home/studio
  • Overall length is 2.5 inches, or about 63mm.

Each earring has three small pebbles of pink opal.  I matched the stones as well as one might for color tone and for overall length but each earring is delightfully different from the other: a celebration of the natural character of pink opal. In each case, the "prettiest" and "pinkest" stone is at the bottom of the cascade. In the middle is a coral or peach color opal, and at the top is a ever-so-slightly pink milky white pebble with bits of brown and black host stone. I made up for any differences in length of the stones by adjusting the size of the sterling silver wire wrapped links so that the slinky cascade of three stones is the same length in each earring.

The shades of pink opal are beautiful summer colors that will be versatile partners in your wardrobe. Paired with brown and beige, coral and red-leaning orange, or fresh leaf green these pink opal pebble earrings will attract compliments and bring a smile to your face.

Please note: in order to show the details of workmanship, colors, and textures, my photos show the jewelry at larger than life scale. Please refer to the photo with the ruler to help you relate to the actual size of the item. 

I try my best to represent the colors of my jewelry faithfully in words and photos, but be aware that not all device displays are created equal. Your device might show colors differently.

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