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Peruvian Blue Opal Gemstone Chip Earrings, Rustic Blue Opal Earrings in Antiqued Copper



Simple and lovely, these gemstone chip earrings feature Peruvian blue opal. Opal gemstones are beautiful, no matter their form. Here, little angular chips and wafers of opal in colors ranging from brilliant aqua blue green to watery bluish tinged white with brown stones in between, are stacked for impact. With 20 little stones in all, you get a good sense of Peruvian Opal in a sweet and affordable pair of everyday earrings.

These handcrafted blue stone earrings are 2-inches long from the top of the hand made copper ear hooks. That's about 51mm.

The opal chips are strung on pure copper wire that has a dark oxidized patina. The darkened copper wire lets the milky blue opal glow. I took care to sort out opal chips that had good color and luckily found several stones to stack that were balanced for size, shape, and color between the two earrings. The chips are very angular and spikey which, along with the dark copper setting, provides a cool rustic vibe for a piece of opal jewelry. These refreshing blue earrings will be fun to wear this summer and fall.

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