With restrictions and staffing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, my rural Post Office is struggling to maintain service. They are working hard, with small town postmasters sharing and keeping open three different offices 40 to 60 miles apart. Still, there have been and are anticipated service disruptions in local mail deliveries and pick-up.

My shop is open and all items listed here are available to purchase online but now I am shipping items only once per week when I make my essential trip (to a larger town with fewer disruptions). This might mean your item will ship right away, or in up to 7 days. I'll keep you posted when I receive your order. Wishing you good health and hoping you stay safe in these unprecedented circumstances.

Peach Stone Earrings, Peachy Rose Color, Red Botswana Agate Earrings in Dark Silver



This sweet little pair of agate earrings celebrates summer in lovely peach rose colors. The peach stone earrings are made from natural red Botswana agate nuggets, sterling silver, and nickel-free niobium wire. These coral peach pebble earrings are small adornments you'll find easy-to-wear all summer long. The agate stones are about 8mm wide by 10mm long and have a soft glowing translucence. Like all agates, these red Botswana nuggets display a brilliant wet-look polish. This refined quality contrasts with the rustic oxidized sterling silver wire wrap in a way that heightens the soft peach tones of the gemstones. My handcrafted niobium ear wires are nickel-free and safe to wear for those with nickel allergy. You don't have to have issues with metal allergies to appreciate the harmonious blend of the polished natural niobium wire with the dark silver in these agate earrings.

Pebble solitaire earrings:

  • Botswana agate pebbles hand matched for pretty peach "peace rose" color
  • Sterling silver wire wrap
  • handcrafted niobium ear hooks
  • 1.125 inches long. That's about 28mm

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