Pale Green Kyanite Earrings, Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Raw Kyanite Earrings



Raw kyanite, in pale green reveals notable silvery sheen in these sterling silver wire wrapped natural stone earrings. The color - antique Mason jar green - is subtle, but interesting, especially with the light play off the cleaved flat surface of the stones. The rustic darkened silver contrasts with the stones to set off their color, and complements the stones rustic and raw character. These raw stone dangle earrings measure just shy of 2 inches long from the top of the handcrafted sterling silver ear wires.

I chose raw kyanite blades roughly oval in shape with a smooth, but unpolished surface. The two stones match in color - greenish aqua, dusty blue green - hard to describe until I thought of the antique Mason jar that sits on my windowsill. I hand wired the kyanite stones in oxidized sterling silver, buffing the silver afterward to show some bright highlights. The ear wires I made for these rustic stone earrings are a sleek, high peaked triangular shape that fits nicely into your piercing. Hammer marks add to the rustic vibe of these kyanite dangle earrings.


  • 1.9 inches long from the top of the ear hooks
  • A tiny bit over 0.25 inch wide


  • Natural kyanite stones
  • Sterling silver wire

These unique natural stone earrings with pale green kyanite stones are ready to ship to you or a gift recipient. You will receive the exact pair pictured.

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