Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings with Pink Pebbles, Colorado Found Stone Earrings



These sterling silver wire wrapped earrings are lovely examples of the pebbles at my feet here in Colorado. These earthy pink stones, a type of microcline feldspar, are quite common and often fill my pockets after a walk around my South Park home. For these earrings I selected two pink pebbles out of a batch that I tumbled. The feldspar stones are roughly 7/8-inch long by about 3/8-inch wide. I drilled each one close to the top so they'd hang like a drop. Using sterling silver wire I wrapped a flowery knot over the hole, and then formed a hanging bail for the stone. The tiny handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks keep the salmon pink stone close to your ear, but free to dangle just a bit to catch an admirer's eye. These little earrings are rustic, free-spirited adornments, sure to be loved by anyone with a connection to Colorado.

  • Short dangle earrings for pierced ears
  • Salmon pink stones collected and polished by me
  • Sterling silver wire setting and ear hooks
  • Dark oxidized silver patina lends a rustic look
  • 1.5 inches long from the top of the small ear wires (38 mm)

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