Natural Stone Amazonite Earrings, Small Pebble Earrings Copper, Black Gold Amazonite Stones



Here's a pair of handmade earrings with pale blue pebbles of black gold amazonite. Black gold amazonite is a bead trade name for amazonite stones that include tourmaline, pyrite, and white albite feldspar, along with the usual pale blue aqua color amazonite. The natural stone earrings are simple drops, a single stone for each ear, wire wrapped in darkened copper wire. The brown tones of the copper metal bring out the pale blue and the brown colors within the small amazonite stones. Elegantly shaped handcrafted ear hooks add a fine jewelry accent to this otherwise earthy and rustic pair of earrings. Short earrings like these blue pebble earrings are so easy-to-wear you'll reach for them everyday.

  • Black gold amazonite natural stone pebble beads are imperfect rounds, about 5/16" in diameter and a little bit longer than that
  • Natural stones are pale blueish green in color with rusty brown and tan swirls
  • Handcrafted in copper wire with medium brown patina
  • Overall length is about 1.375 inches or 35mm

Pebble earrings are fun to make and I know you'll find them fun to wear. The two stones never quite match exactly but because of that, the pair will give you a good sense of the particular gemstone. The pebbles I chose for these minimalist earrings match nicely in their pale aqua color tinged with green and brown. Their rounded lumpy shape and size are a pretty good pairing as well. I strung the stones on copper wire, coiling an artistic little knot or flower to hold them. The black gold amazonite stones swing on almond shaped ear hooks. The long, plain front of these earrings seems to disappear visually, leaving little blue pebbles dancing in the space below your ears!

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