Multicolored Mookaite Jasper Bracelet and Earrings Set, Antiqued Copper Link Bracelet with Red Yellow Mauve Jasper



This handcrafted copper wire wrapped bracelet and earrings set features mookaite jasper in varied shades of purplish red, earthy yellow, pink, and tan. The complementary earrings display burgundy red wine colors.

Mookaite jasper 7.25-inch (184mm) bracelet

Matching earrings measure 2-inches (51mm).

Mookaite natural stone beads are a rectangular pillow cut. The stones are around 15mm long by 9mm wide or 9/16-inch by 3/8-inch. The jasper stones have a lovely high polish. Five stones grace the bracelet and each one is different from the next. Some have swirling splotches of color, some are nearly a solid color and the center stone has fine lines like a pen-and-ink drawing over a two-tones landscape in tan and burgundy red. The stones I used for the earrings are nearly solid purplish red with one of the pair showing some broad spots of darker earthy red.

The colorful mookaite is complemented by darkened copper forged wire links in a figure 8 or infinity pattern. The curvy infinity links are a nice contrast with the rectangular stones. The darkened copper has a rich polished shine equal to the stones'. The bracelet closure is a handmade hook and figure-8 style eye. The earrings are also fabricated in dark copper. They are simple dangle earrings with copper infinity links and a single moakite pillow. The ear hooks are a simple French hooks style with graceful long tails.


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