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Multi Gemstone Tapered Drop Earrings with Sinuous Copper Wire Wrapped Design, Handcrafted Green Stone Earrings



Multiple gemstones in glorious shades of green grace these tapered drop earrings. Five natural stone beads are wrapped in copper wire that winds through and around each bead in the tapered stack. These long tapered drop earrings feature rhyolite, cuprite, serpentine, epidote, and yellow opal stones displaying olive-leaning green colors with a hint of orange and yellow. The pendulum shape and sinuous copper wire wrap lend these earrings a graceful swaying motion as well as a sense of visual movement as your eye catches the wire snaking across each stone. The half wraps between each bead give the green stones a bit of breathing room so you can appreciate each individual stone. It'll take days and days of stone gazing at the rhyolite stone alone to see all that it offers! At the same time, the dark copper wire wrap unifies all five stones into a harmonious autumnal whole. These sinuous copper wire wrapped earrings swing on my handcrafted triangular shaped ear hooks for a simple line and secure fit.


  • Largest stone is 10mm across (about 0.4-inch)
  • Smallest stone is 4mm across (about 0.16-inch)
  • Earrings measure 2.375-inches long from the top of the ear hooks


  • Stones from top to bottom:
    • Yellow opal
    • Epidote
    • Green serpentine
    • Cuprite
    • Rhyolite or "rainforest jasper"
  • Copper Wire
  • Handcrafted ear hooks from copper wire

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If you have concerns about copper ear wires, there are allergy-free ear wire options available for an extra charge. Please message me prior to purchase.

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