Mookaite Bracelet, Triple Wrap Bracelet with Red and Yellow Jasper Stones and Copper



This lovely mookaite bracelet is bursting with fall color and style. Mookaite jasper cubes display beautiful burgundy red, mauve, pink, vanilla, and yellow colors. The faces of the beads sparkle and shine adding dappled light to the colorful stone braclet. Made as a single, long beaded strand with mookaite jasper, golden quartz, red creek jasper, and copper beads, this piece can be worn as a triple wrap bracelet for a small wrist or as a 20" necklace. The magnetic clasp makes putting on a snap, or rather a nice soft "click" whether you're wrapping it around your wrist or closing it behind your neck.

In addition to the bold autumnal colors, this boho wrap bracelet abounds with richenss and depth due to the shapes, surface finishes, and texture of the stone and metal beads. There are mookaite and golden quartz small cubes, mookaite flattened round beads,  small round matte finished red creek jasper beads, copper rounds with an antiqued finish, tiny rondel copper beads, copper disks, and copper wheels. The strand is strung in color blocks: golden brown and yellow giving way to burgundy and pink, back to yellow and cream, then more burgundy and pink. Here and there bright copper beads share their bright rrosy orange tones.


  • 20 inches long beaded strand with magnetic closure
  • The width of three wraps laid next to each other si about 0.5"
  • As a triple wrap bracelet this will fit a wrist size 6.5 to not quite 7"


  • Nylon coated stainless steel beading cable
  • Copper beads
  • Copper clad magnetic clasp
  • Australian mookaite natural stones
  • Golden quartz
  • Red creek jasper

This one of a kind jasper bracelet cannot be altered. Please check your wrist size before ordering if you want to wear it as a bracelet. Contact me if you need help understanding whether the bracelet will fit you or its intended recipient.

A note about magnetic jewelry clasps: To put on your bracelet, slide the magnets open, drape the bracelet over your wrist, gently move one end close to the other, and voila! the magnets find each other and click together. The magnets are very strong, but still take care when opening a magnet. Open by inserting your thumbnail between the two magnets and slide them apart. DO NOT tug!! Tugging on the clasp from either side will cause something to break, either the magnets will come out of their copper housing, or the bracelet links could be damaged.

You will receive the exact bracelet pictured. Free shipping to US customer via First Class Mail. Your order typically ships within 3-4 days.

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