Modern Drop Earrings with Pyrite, Small Gray Earrings Handcrafted in Sterling Silver with Fools Gold



Modern drop earrings with pyrite or "fool's gold" stones are a study in gray tones. Simple and short, these small stone earrings are handcrafted in sterling silver with a dark antiqued patina. The sleek, rice-shaped pyrite beads are dark charcoal gray in color with a brassy metallic glint that earned this iron sulfide it's populular name of "fool's gold" (having fooled many miners into thinking it was gold). Interestingly, pyrite and gold form under similar conditions and today pyrite is mined to extract the gold that occurs in the rocks with it. 

These small gray earrings are just the right accent for a minimalist outfit, especially if your wardrobe is centered around black and white or warm netural gray. They are simple drop earrings and wear without dangling movement so you'll reach for them them on your more active days as well.


  • 1.125 inches long
  • About 3/16 inch wide at the widest point of the pyrite stones


  • Sterling silver wire
  • Pyrite natural stone beads

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