Mock Dzi Bead Earrings, Tibetan Style Agate Stone Earrings with Natural Magnesite and Turquoise, Three Eye Pattern Beaded Earrings



Striking golden brown and white reproduction Dzi beads are paired with genuine turquoise and magnesite stones in these primitive artisan earrings by Pebbles At My Feet. These Dzi bead earrings are made with modern production methods to etch and color the pattern onto agate stone as well as to give the beads an old look. My Tibetan agate earrings feature fat rice or barrel shaped mock Dzi beads with a three eye pattern. In real Dzi bead lore, three eyes is a kind of lucky charm that aids in building wealth (according to one's karma), longevity, and happiness. In general,  Dzi eye beads are worn as a talisman or protective shield against bad chi or negative energy.

I selected a pair of Tibetan style agate beads with a  golden brown and cream color eye pattern and a crackled, aged patina. I used magnesite, with its natural brown and white marbling, as an accent, along with sky blue Mexican turquoise. The earrings are hand wired on my torch-balled copper headpins and swing on handcrafted copper ear wires that echo the eye-pattern of the agate beads. Artistically crafted, these tribal fusion earrings will bring you pleasure, whether or not that comes with abundance and wealth.


  • Beaded drop earrings measure 1.75 inches from the top of the ear hooks
  • Mock Dzi beads are about 0.375" wide at their widest


  • Etched and heat treated agate replica Dzi beads
  • Natural white magnesite
  • Genuine turquoise
  • African copper thin heishi beads
  • Copper wire

Please note: in order to show the details of workmanship, colors, and textures, my photos show the jewelry at larger than life scale. Please refer to the photo with the dime coin to help you relate to the actual size of the item. 

You will receive the exact pair shown. I typically ship your order within about 4 days. Free US shipping is via First Class Mail from rural central Colorado, transit time will vary depending on your location and fate.

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