Long Kyanite Earrings with Citrine Gemstone Chips, Rustic Boho Earrings with Natural Stones



A pair of long kyanite earrings made with thin blades of blue kyanite and real citrine gemstone chips are a rustic pair you'll love wearing all summer long. The fresh chambray blue and pale golden yellow natural stones stones are set in dark oxidized sterling silver wire. The yellow and blue ornament swings on my handcrafted nickel-free niobium ear hooks making these earrings safe to wear for women with nickel allergy. These rustic boho earrings fit right into your summer wardrobe, going with all the warm colors in fashion this year.

Kyanite blade dangle earrings:

  • Thin blades of blue kyanite have a soft, slightly polished surface
  • Citrine gemstone chips are angular wafers with a raw stone look 
  • Handcrafted earrings for women using natural stones, sterling silver wire, and niobium wire
  • Niobium metal ear wires are nickel free
  • Dangle earrings are a little longer than 2.25 inches long

Blue and yellow are such evocative colors letting your mind wander to sun and cool water, wildflower meadows under blue skies, the golden rays of an early morning sunrise over a shadowy blue landscape, linens flapping on the clothesline in a fresh summer breeze. Grab one of these daydreams and make these stylish raw stone earrings yours. 

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