Long Boho Necklace with Blue Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, and Green Serpentine Stones, Layered Necklace with Three Strands



Lavish, long, and layered this boho necklace is chock full of semiprecious stones in bright spring green and blue colors. Aquamarine, denim lapis, lapis lazuli, sodalite, and white quartz speak of blue skies speckled with clouds on a breezy spring day while yellow green serpentine stones are the glorious fresh new leaves dappled in sunlight moved by the wind.


  • Three layer necklace with beaded strands, copper chain, and copper wire work
  • Longest strand is 26-inches long 
  • Shortest strand is 18-inches long
  • Handcrafted using natural semiprecious gemstones and solid copper
  • Dark patina copper 
  • Lapis, denim lapis, sodalite, aquamarine, quartz, and serpentine stones

This colorful semiprecious gemstone necklace combines beaded stone strands, copper chain, and copper wire work elements. My jewelry art usually employs wire wrapping to fabricate chains with or without stone links. This time, for color density I chose to string the blue and green gemstones so they are packed closer together. I used varied shapes of stone beads: small rounds, saucers, nuggets, faceted nuggets, cubes, rectangles, barrels, and drops. The stone surface textures vary too, from unpolished raw stone, to matte, semigloss, waxed, and polished. All the different shapes, colors, and stone types play well together in the blocks of color that encircle the piece. Spring greens give way to pale blue, then green again, then deep cobalt blue and white, back to green and so on.

The outer layer of the necklace is a beaded strand, the second layer is a solid copper chain with three eccentrically placed stone stations, and the inner layer of the necklace is a beaded strand wtih a copper bead and lapis stone pendant. All three strands come together at a unique handcrafted three to one component. The closure is my handcrafted hook and spiral eye in solid copper.

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