Little Agate Bird Dangle Earrings in Copper, Yellow Stone Earrings



These little agate bird earrings, made in copper, are sweet nature-inspired adornments for every day. Crazy lace agate songbird shaped beads show yellow, gray, and white colors in subtle zig-zagging lacy patterns. The bird beads are strung in solid copper wire along with glowing yellow calcite pebbles. The copper's dark patina provides the background for the pretty yellow stones to shine.

These little bird earrings are simple and charming; they'd make a thoughful "thinking of you" gift for any woman who needs cheering up. If she's a birdwatcher, then you've found the perfect stocking stuffer gift for her.


  • 1 3/4 inches long
  • Birds are about 5/8 inch wide beadk to tail
  • 2.2 grams each, less than the weight of a US dime


  • Crazy lace agate carved stone birds
  • Calcite natural stone beads
  • Copper wire
  • Handcrafted copper ear hooks

These cheerful agate bird beads were the inspiration for these dangle earrings. Well, the beads, and the hordes of birds that visit our feeder and or birdbath in season. I thought the agate stones provided nice coloration to evoke real birds like gold finches or flycatchers, or sparrows. I am also fascinated with Native American animal symbolism.  To American indigenous people, the bird represents Freedom, Community, and Unity. Birds are the messengers that carry prayers for Rain to the clouds. Isn't that a wonderful image?!

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