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Lapis Lazuli Pebble Earrings in Sterling Silver, Simple Drop Earrings with Royal Blue Stones



Beautiful royal blue lapis lazuli pebbles are wire wrapped in sterling silver wire and hang from handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks in these short earrings by Pebbles At My Feet. The lapis stones are good examples of the ancient gemstone, showing intense blue color with some grayish white calcite inclusions, and flecks of golden metallic pyrite. These simple drop earrings with their royal blue stones, are the perfect accessory for your everyday jeans-based wardrobe or anytime you want a spot of rich blue to enhance your eyes or your outfit.


  • Genuine Lapis Lazuli stones
  • 925 (Sterling) silver wire


  • Earrings measure a smidgen under 1.5-inches long
  • Lapis nugget beads are about 5/16-inch wide by 3/8" long

These little pebble earrings are the perfect combination of blue and shining silver. Simple and forthright, these lapis earrings in sterling silver would make a brilliant gift for any active mom, daughter, or girlfriend. The rich midnight blue color of lapis and the bright sterling silver remind me of star-filled nights camping in the mountains, or the full moon casting long shadows on snow on a winter's night.

Just so you know, lapis has some sulfur in its composition, and this can cause the sterling silver wire setting to tarnish more quickly. For this reason, I recommend that you store your earrings in the fabric pouch I'll provide, and not in plastic or in the open. Still, you might need to polish the silver from time to time, or let it go gray - that'll look good with the dark blue stones too.

You will receive the exact item pictured. If you need multiples, I do have extra lapis beads on hand. Please contact me and I can let you know what I can make for you.

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