Jasper Nugget Necklace, Red and Gold Stone Copper Wire Wrapped 18-inch Necklace



Jasper nugget necklace features an earthy red and gold tumble polished jasper stone on 18-inch copper bead chain. This is a sweet little jasper tumbled stone necklace in spotted red and gold colors. The little jasper nugget is roughly kite-shaped and comes to a peak in front. The shape of the stone and my playful wire wrapping make it look somewhat like an owl. Maybe you’ll see it that way too?

I used a tumbled jasper nugget – just ¾-inch long – that I found among the stones I kept from childhood. My Dad used to cut and polish cabochons and the scraps from that work along with interesting rock hounding finds would be put in the rock tumbler. I used to love sorting through the coffee cans he kept full of these often quite small polished stones. I still do – I just have more to sort because I tumble stones now too! This pretty red and gold jasper was large enough for me to drill a hole for my wire work hanging bail.

I fashioned a bail by passing two ends of a copper wire through the hole and curling them on top of the stone. These curlicues made a friend comment “that looks like an owl’s eyes”. So now, as these things go, I can’t look at this jasper stone necklace without seeing an owl.

This jasper tumbled stone necklace is presented on a copper bead chain. I antiqued all of the metal to a rich brown color and buffed up some coppery highlights. The neck chain is finished to 18” but can be shortened if you prefer. I think the little nugget would be lost worn too long and over clothing so I suggest 15 to 18" as the best length. Please confirm the length and message me if you'd like the necklace altered.


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