Jasper and Lapis Earrings, Rustic Southwest Earrings with Earthy Red and Blue Stones



Is your favorite escape the colorful red rock landscapes of western Colorado and Utah's canyon country? Capture the scene with these long dangle earrings featuring earthy red, tan, and blue natural stones and rustic darkened sterling silver wire work. Red porcelain jasper  and rich blue sodalite and lapis stones present a classic color combination and set the mind wandering through sunny Western landscapes. You can almost hear an eagle cry.

These southwestern gypsy style earrings are handcrafted using sterling silver wire and natural stone beads.The sterling silver wire work includes a rustic triangle spiral motif suggesting ancient petroglyphs found high on rocky walls or the slender shadows cast in deep canyons. Porcelain jasper represents the colorful rock formations in brick red, earthy pink, rust, and creamy sand in patterns that look like cracked porcelain. The brilliant blue skies or the glint of river are expressed with blue sodalite and lapis lazuli natural stone beads that hang in a little cluster at the bottom of the earrings. 

  • Long linear dangle earrings on sterling silver handcrafted ear wires
  • Genuine jasper, sodalite, and lapis lazuli stones
  • Southwest colors and a Bohemian vibe
  • Sterling silver has been given an antiqued patina
  • Earrings hang 2.375-inches long or about 60mm

Each earring features a coin shaped bead of red porcelain jasper about 12mm in diameter (not quite 1/2-inch). Below the jasper stone hangs a triangular spiral charm forged from sterling silver wire. The surface of the charm is hammer-textured. From the bottom point of the charm hangs a cluster of three blue stones – two sodalite 4mm round beads and one lapis lazuli saucer shaped bead. The stones are a deep cerulean blue. The red and blue stone dangle is suspended from handcrafted ear hooks in a simple marquise shape. The dark antique patina on the silver lends a time-worn feel to these earrings like the ancient wind and water-worn landscape that inspired them.