Golden Yellow Amber Earrings with Orange Garnet, Amber Chip Earrings Sterling Silver



Like long drops of sunshine, these golden yellow amber gemstone earrings bring bold color to your everyday earrings collection. Yellow amber chips, arranged in a stack from pale creamy vanilla custard to dark honey gold, are strung on sterling silver wire with a single orange garnet stone at the bottom. Amber is incredibly lightweight, so even this stack of 11 little chips will feel like you're wearing next to nothing! Amber is a gemstone that's not really stone; it's the hardened fossilized resin from ancient trees. As these amber earrings show, the gemstone really glows. You can understand why it has been used as a gem for adornment over history. These amber chip earrings with bounce as you wear them and catch the light, creating a sunny glow near and around you. They might even cause a smile.

  • Polished chips of amber and orange garnet gemstone
  • Stone chipps are arranged in an ombre-light-to-dark pattern
  • Handcrafted in 925 silver wire
  • Handmade earhooks are a simple French hook style
  • Made in my Colorado high country home studio, where every fall the aspen trees try to compete with amber for who makes the best golded glow!
  • 2-inches long from the top of the ear hooks

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