Geometric Blue and Yellow Stone Earrings, Sodalite Triangle Earrings with Honey Calcite Accent



These blue and yellow stone earrings are perfect for summer. The cheerful colors, geometric shape, and organic wire design executed in yellow gold filled wire, make these sodalite earrings a pair you'll find many reasons to wear. These handmade dangle earrings feature sodalite stone triangles and honey calcite pebbles wire wrapped in 14/20 yellow gold filled wire. Chunky and striking, they'll enhance any outfit, especially something navy blue. 

These geometric blue and yellow earrings measure 1.625 inches long from the top of the handcraftedgold filled ear hooks.

I selected sodalite stone beads with a rounded triangular shape. They are about 0.625 inches per side. The sodalite is a very dark blue hue and one stone has a hint of violet in its depths. I made a wavy, zig zag design in a piece of gold filled wire, hammering it for texture, sparkle, and breadth. I strung the sodalite triangles on this wire with the wavy design on the front of the stone. The warm golden color on a backdrop of rich navy blue is striking. A few wraps of wire separate the sodalite and calcite stones; the golden reflections off the wire enhance the yellow stones' pretty jonquil color. I placed the chunky stone dangle on my handmade gold filled ear wires.

50% of this purchase will go to support local charities in Kharkhiv, Ukraine. I have, for several years used a software product called HeliconFocus. I knew they were based in Ukraine, but recently when updating my software, I realized the business and their city have been severely affected by the Russian aggression. I hope to use this connection with another small business on the other side of the world to make meaningful local use of the proceeds of your purchase. I have chosen "Volunteer Kitchen in Kharkiv", a group dedicated to providing meals and food relief to patients at hospitals and those who can't leave their apartments to buy food, and others who have been cut off from electricity and water supply. Thank you!

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