Fossil Coral Earrings 14 karat Gold Filled, Cream and Brown Stone Earrings



These lovely and unusal handmade earrings feature fossil coral stone beads with exquisite patterns in brown and cream colors. These fossil coral earrings are set in 14 karat gold filled wire to highlight the warm brown stones. The beaded drop earring style is simple and it's made elegant with marquise shaped handcrafted gold filled ear hooks. The interesting agatized coral stones are the central focus.

Agatized Fossil Coral Earrings Details:

  • Fossil Coral and Snakeskin Jasper natural stone beads
  • Warm brown and creamy tan colors
  • Handcrafted using 14K gold filled wire
  • 1.5 inches (38mm) long from the top of the handmade ear hooks

"Fossil coral" is a microcrystalline quartz stone that forms over millenia. Over time, prehistoric coral skeletons, made mostly of calcium carbonate, are hardened and replaced by silica or agate. The intricate patterns reveal the chambers where the ancient coral organizsms lived and the hardened exoskeletons they made during their lifetime. Agatized coral is not living reef coral and should not be mistaken for any endangered corals of today. Significant deposits of fossil coral are found in Florida and Georgia in the US and in Indonesia. It is the Florida state stone.

These particular fossil coral stone beads are cut in an organic wavy oval shape. The flower-like coral pattern is quite prominent. I chose a dark chestnut brown color jasper stone to accent the agatized coral. These neutral earrings are a little bit dressy but equally ready to accessorize your casual clothes, too.

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