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Fossil Ammonite Necklace on Beaded Copper Chain, Unique Rustic Natural Stone Jewelry



This rustic necklace features a handcrafted fossil ammonite pendant and mixed stone beaded chain with copper closure. The reddish brown ammonite has a rainbow sheen opalescent ceter. My handcrafted copper prong setting allows viewing the fossil at all angles and there's so much to see! I especially love the suture pattern visible in the brown polished part of the ammonite that was its shell. The sutures are intricate and wavy but subtle in the brown-on-brown coloration. Part of the ammonite is still rough - the concreted rock that filled the aperture of the head chamber - and the rest is polished to a semi gloss shine. You can immediately appreciate this once-living ancient creature, the ancestors of today's nautilus. Ammonite fossils like this one are dated to between 200 and 66 million years ago, spanning the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of earth history.

The ammonite pendant hangs on a beaded strand and copper chain combination made of multiple types of natural stone. The main stone in the chain is snakeskin jasper in beautiful shades of brown and pale sage green that complement the brown ammonite. The snake skin jasper stones are faceted and generate a bit of sparkle. A few other smooth round stones punctuate the strand: black gold amazonite, red creek jasper, sodalite, and leopard skin jasper.

This handcrafted necklace with fossil pendant and jasper beads is finished to 19-inches long.The pendant hangs 1.5-inches down from the chain. To show off the fossil, I think this necklace is best worn fairly short. I can shorten the necklace to 15", 16" 17" or 18" if requested.

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