Banded Fluorite Earrings Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, Small Pebble Earrings



Fluorite pebbles in coke bottle green are streaked with deep violet. The sterling silver wire wrapped stones hang from handcrafted sterling silver earrings with a fancy zig zag and spiral formed into the wire. Purple streaked green fluorite stones are small irregular nuggets, roughly 3/8 inch in diameter. These fluorite earrings are 1.5 inches long.

These simple stone drop earrings are not quite minimalist because of the unique earring hooks. I shaped the sterling silver wire of the front of the earrings into a doodle: a little sketch of silver that zigzags and ends in a curving "eye" loop. Each earring in the pair mirrors the other, so the loops kind of look like eyes. The silver wire wrapped fluorite stones dangle sweetly from the loops. The doodle adds length to the earrings so the pale green stones hang a little lower - at a good spot to be noticed and admired.

Fluorite is one of those stones that has a million different faces. Like quartz you can't simply say "fluorite" and everyone has the same picture in their minds. The color varies from almost black violet to electric blue to  yellow to pale green to colorless. Some stones are streaked, some are banded, and some have all of the colors in one stone. Many fluorite stones also display colorful fluorescence, the glow that's revealed under a UV lamp. You can see the beautiful translucence that these pebbles have in the photos. No wonder that fluorite is used for specialty lenses. The stone is relatively soft, so for jewelry making I use fluorite only in earrings and necklaces. I'll provide a little pouch with your earrings so that you can keep them from getting scratched in storage.