Flashy Labradorite and Yellow Opal Necklace and Earrings Set, Large Labradorite Stone Pendant



A beautiful and mysterious grey labradorite pendant with a golden shimmer hangs as a pendant from a copper chain embellished with faceted honey opals and labradorite stones. The necklace comes with a sweet pair of beaded drop earrings to match.

The labradorite pendant stone is an oval cut, 1.5-inches long by about 0.75-inches wide (38mm x 19mm). The grey stone has been cut to display its impressive golden yellow-orange flash on the diagonal across the front face. The back side of the stone reveals a little bit of blue color. The labradorite pendant has a single drilled hole from front to back. I fashioned a modern rustic bail for the stone with a hammered copper shape - like a heiroglyph - that shows on the face.

I decided to play up the golden flash in the labradorite pendant by setting some honey opals in the copper necklace chain. I've also wire wrapped a few faceted nuggets of labradorite into the long and short link chain. These grey stones flash with green, blue, and golden yellow but none are as impressive as the pendant. The simple beaded drop earrings use the same color scheme - grey labradorite faceted nuggets and round golden honey opals set in copper that has been lightly oxidized.

My golden flash labradorite necklace is 21-inches long. It closes with a handcrafted copper hook and eye clasp. The earrings are 1.5-inches long.