Earthy Yellow Jasper Earrings in Copper, Cherry Creek Jasper and Green Serpentine Stone Earrings



Earthy earrings create an autumn mood with mustard yellow jasper and seaweed green serpentine natural stones. These cherry creek jasper and serpentine earrings are a simple beaded drop style with artistic copper wire flourishes that make these rustic earrings a bit special. Cherry creek jasper, also known as red creek jasper, is a varied multicolor stone. The stones here are oval beads about 18mm long (not quite 3/4 inch) in a dark mustard yellow color that is splashed with olive-grey, brown, and a hint of red. The dark green serpentine stones and antiqued copper wire are the perfect earthy accent with the yellow jasper.

  • Earthy jasper earrings in solid copper wire setting
  • Red reek jasper ovals and serpentine rondels
  • Width:   0.5 inch
  • Length: 1.875 inch

There are copper spirals everywhere in these natural stone earrings! Two spirals decorate the face of the oval jasper stones, and a third finds its way to my handcrafted ear hooks. I like making the ear hooks in a complementary style for each pair of earrings. For these jasper earrings the spiral loop echos the design on the stones. I gave the copper wire a dark antique patina, then buffed out some bright metallic highlights in the spiral details.