Earthy Red and Brown Chalcedony Earrings with Jasper and Oxidized Sterling Silver Accents, Stone Beaded Tribal Earrings



Rich earthy red, grey, and golden brown chalcedony and tan colored ochre jasper stones are set with rustic darkened sterling silver beads and wire in these exquisite artisan earrings with a tribal feel. Brown chalcedony thin oval cut beads are sleek, elegant, and highly polished. They display gorgeous red brown colors with broad splotches of greyer, golder, more translucent stone. I chose to keep the design uncluttered so that these beautiful chalcedony stones would capture your attention. I used sterling silver spacer beads and a cylindrical ridged sterling silver bead to separate the polished oval and the little satin finished ochre jasper beads at opposite ends of the earring ornament.

Brown chalcedony tribal rustic and refined earrings:

  • Brown chalcedony focal beads are multicolored in earthy red, gold, grey
  • Marquise oval brown chalcedony stones are about 0.75 inches long
  • Ochre jasper is a creamy gold color with fine red lines and tinting
  • Constructed by hand using sterling silver wire and accent beads
  • 2.25-inches long ( about 57mm)

Can something be rustic, tribal, and also elegant? These earrings are. The chalcedony stones are so lovely and refined but their ruddy colors and the accents I chose keep the mood of the design on the dark rustic side. 

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