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Earthy Green Turquoise Two-Wrap Bracelet, Mixed Hubei and American Turquoise Bracelet



Here's an earthy green turquoise bracelet with a mixture of shapes and sizes of Chinese Hubei and American mined stones. This two wrap beaded bracelet has a strong magnet for a clasp, making it a snap to put on by yourself. And, if the size is right for you, this beautfiul strand of turquoise can be worn as a 14" choker necklace.

This turquoise beaded bracelet is one continuous strand of stones that measures 14 inches (35cm) long. The two wrap bracelet mode will fit size 6.5 to 7 inch (16 to 18cm), at the smaller end of "average".

The bracelet celebrates the greener face of turquoise gemstone and this makes the few really blue stones pop. I used organic rustic cut chunky disks as a centerpiece for the bracelet. These are mostly blue green and green turquoise stones. Very rustic heishi cylinders and small round beads of Chinese green turquoise are prominent. North American nuggets from Mexico and Arizona are interspersed among the rest. Two fabulous sky blue discs of Mexican turquoise are nestled toward the closure showing off their color next to brown and green stones. Copper beads complement the green turquoise, adding to the earthy vibe.

Strung on strong beading cable and finished with double crimps, this mixed turquoise gemstone bracelet is made with care for a lifetime of enjoyment. Turquoise jewelry needs a bit of special care. Turquoise is a relatively soft stone, and it is sensitive to absorbing chemicals. I recommend that you apply and lotions or perfumes to your skin and let dry before you put on your turquoise piece. Don't wear your turquoise when swimming or doing activities that cause a lot of sweat or dirt and grime such as intense exercise or gardening. Rinse your jewelry in fresh water and dry with a soft cloth and always dry throughly before storing. Put your bracelet away in a pouch or dark drawer when you are not wearing it. Just remember to treat it kindly and you'll keep it looking great.

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