Dragon Skin Turquoise Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings with Black Veined Turquoise Stones



Simple drop earrings make a big impact with large turquoise nugget beads and bright sterling silver wire work. These dragon skin turquoise earrings feature blue-green Chinese turquoise with dramatic spider web pattern of black veins. The real turquoise stones are large, rounded pebbles that measure about 10mm wide by 13mm tall or 3/8" by 1/2". Their color is dark teal-leaning turquoise with contrasting black dragon skin veining. I used bright sterling silver wire to wrap the stones and hung them from handcrafted sterling silver ear hooks. The ear wires' double spiral loops hold the stones securely to prevent loss.


  • Genuine Turquoise pebble beads (stabilized)
  • 925 (sterling) silver wire


  • Turquoise stones are irregular nuggets, about 0.375" wide by .5" tall
  • Earrings measure 1.5" from the top of the handcrafted hooks

Chinese turquoise is beautifully varied and rivals the best turquoise mined around the world. Turquoise for the bead trade is generally stabilized with epoxy-type resins. This can darken the color somewhat, but it strengthens the relatively soft turquoise, making it more durable and affordable for jewelry making. The stones I selected for these earrings are really beautiful with their dark turquoise blue color and bold black spider webbing. The organic river pebble shape lends a "just found" quality that I find very apealing for simple drop earrings featuring a single stone. 

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