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Crazy Horse Stone Earrings, Small Drop Earrings with Speckled Brown Stones



Here's a simple pair of pebble earrings with really cool crazy horse stones, also known as "artistic jasper". The small tan stones have black speckles and little dots and tendrils of other neutral earth tones. I've wire wrapped the irregular rounded jasper pebbles in copper wire to make these small drop earrings. The dark brown copper patina blends with the brown jasper stones, making these crazy horse stone earrings a perfect piece of neutral jewelry you'll find many occasions to wear. These cool earrings, with their speckled brown stones would make a great gift for any woman who loves the outdoors and always has a pocketful of pebbles from her hikes.

  • Handcrafted using solid copper wire and natural stone beads
  • "Artistic Jasper" or "Crazy Horse Stone" is a type of limestone given the "jasper" name in the bead trade
  • Pebble-shaped beads are about  0.375 inches long by a little more than 0.25 inches wide  (10x8mm)
  • 1.25 inches long from the top of the handmade ear hooks (32mm)

Crazy horse stone comes in a wide range of earthy colors: wine, mauve, brown, tan, gray, and always with "crazy" patterns that are very apealing. The name "artistic stone" or "artistic jasper" comes from the patterns, some of which are delicate like pen-and-ink sketches or bold and blended like a watercolor wash. The stones in these dangle earrings show mostly jaggedy spots or sketchlike markings, very clear against a light golden tan to taupe background. It is a softer stone on the moh's scale of hardness, making it most suitable for necklaces or earrings like these.

You'll receive the exact pair of earrings featured in these photos. Please look through all four pictures, including the one with the ruler to help you judge size.

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