Copper Zig Zag Wire Drop Earrings with Green Serpentine Stones, One-piece Wire Earrings



Handcrafted one-piece earrings are made from solid copper wire and green serpentine stones. I used a single piece of wire to fashion the ear hook and an organic wave-form or zig zag drop. A natural stone bead nestles into a curve at the bottom of the drop where it is securely wired in place.

1.75-inches long (44mm), these copper wire earrings hang without any dangling motion. The hammered textured and polished surface of the wire and the organic flowing shape of the drop provide clean modern artful style without the extra fuss of links or dangles.

Brightly polished copper has a orangey rosy hue that looks great with so many shades of green, especially the olive color of these serpentine stone beads. To keep your copper earrings bright, they'll need to be polished from time to time. Please see my "Jewelry Metals and Care" page above or click the link: