Copper Wire Wrapped Olive Green Natural Stone Jewelry Set, Cuprite and Bronzite Stones



Lose yourself in the primeval forest painted in green natural stone. This copper wire wrapped natural stone jewelry set paints a jungle scene of rich olive green, leafy green, splashes of teal, mahogany, rust and browns, and patches of white like glimpses of sky above the canopy. This olive green stone jewelry set includes a copper wire wrapped pendant of cuprite and bronzite natural stones on a raw copper ball chain and  beaded drop earrings to match. Cuprite is a copper-containing mineral and it is paired with beautiful raw copper making this a match made in Earth!

The necklace:

The focal is an organic oval or leaf shaped cuprite stone, sometimes referred to as "copper jasper". The stone is about 1.25-inches long and 0.625-inch wide. I’ve wrapped this mottled olive green stone in bright copper wire. I made a beaded link with bronzite and small cuprite rounds that connects the large pendant to the copper ball chain. The necklace chain is 17-inches long; the pendant adds 2.5-inches.

The earrings:

Cuprite’s character really shines in the earring stones. Here there are some streaks of teal color and splashes of mahogany brown on a backdrop of leafy green. I’ve not embellished the front of these stones at all, I’ve simply strung them on copper wire. Their asymmetric oval shape makes the stones hang a bit cock-eyed like leaves stirred by a breeze. Experiment wearing them with the wider bump “outside” vs “inside” and see how they move. You might discover a favorite way to wear them. On top of the cuprite I’ve placed a bronzite rondel and single small round of copper jasper. Handcrafted copper ear hooks complete the earrings. They are a little longer than 2-inches altogether.

Chinese cuprite, a designation in the bead trade, is an ore of copper, but not as vividly colored as Arizona cuprite. The stones used here were sold to me as Chinese cuprite – they are predominantly olive green from oxidized copper but also display veins of teal and rich rusty reds along with white patches. These stone beads are very similar in coloration to others in my stash represented as copper jasper and copper ore jasper. Cuprite and Copper Jasper are very likely the same stones coming from Chinese bead cutters.


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