Copper Wire Wrapped Gemstone Bar Earrings, Blue-Green Natural Stone Long Skinny Earrings



Handcrafted copper wire wrapped bar earrings have natural gemstones in shades of teal, dark turquoise, and pale sky blue. These long skinny earrings are wire wrapped with gemstones: apatite, turquoise, and black gold amazonite, in a color fade or ombre pattern in a vertical line along the bar. These rustic copper bar earrings with the colors of the sea will transport you to the coast, at least in your day dreams.

Overall length is 2 5/8-inches or about 67mm.

I forged the 2-inch-long copper bars from heavy gauge wire. The bottom of the wire flares out to a slight paddle shape. The paddle shows below the line of gemstones and its dimpled hammer-textured surface adds pebbly character to the sea color stones. Five little round natural stone beads of apatite, turquoise, and black gold amazonite are neatly and securely wire wrapped to the copper bar. I chose two apatite stones in dark sea green-blue color, genuine turquoise for the center, and two very pale aqua and opally white amazonite stones for the bottom. The sea color stones describe an ombre line from ocean green to sea foam white.

My handcrafted ear hooks have a small wrapped loop that faces front. This little circle and the round beads play counterpoint with the linear color design and the long copper stick. The copper is a rich antique brown color that highlights the paler stones nicely.


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