Copper Wire Wrap Necklace with Amethyst and Opal Gemstones

Copper Wire Wrap Necklace with Amethyst and Opal Gemstones


This amethyst and yellow opal necklace with its unique combination of yellow and purple stones and rich dark hand worked copper will complement your eclectic style. It is a little fancy, a little vintage in style, a little goth perhaps, but very wearable for any occasion. 

Purple amethyst and yellow opal gemstones are wired onto a handwrought copper yoke, following its graceful curves. The gem-studded bar is set into the front of a pure copper chain. The closure is my handcrafted copper hook and eye with a design suggestive of an infinity symbol.

As built, the necklace is 17-inches long. I designed the wire work to display nicely against an open neckline so for some women, this will be at a shorter length. For example, I'd prefer to wear this type of necklace at 15-inches. I am happy to shorten to suit you. 

The copper has been antiqued to a very dark brown color. I tumble polished and buffed up some bright metal highlights that show especially on the hammered wire yoke. I used very fine gauge copper wire to wrap the amethyst and opal stones to the yoke. This fine wire is darker in color and less highly polished which adds visual interest to the design.

This purple and yellow gemstone necklace has a vintage feel with the darkened metal setting and the graceful curved bar reminiscent of filigree. It would be smashing worn with rich purple or eggplant or black lace. Gothic wedding, perhaps?