Copper Wire Wrap Chrysoprase Pendant on Long Cotton Cord, Rustic Green Stone Necklace



This necklace features a pendant made from a pretty, but rustic slab of chrysoprase. The pendant stone is roughly triangular, 1" x 1" x 1.75". The thickness tapers a bit from side to side and top to bottom. The shape reminds me of a butterfly wing, and like a butterfly wing, the stone has different regions of color from dark brown to white to bright green. I've tumble-polished the stone to a semigloos shine, but there are cracks and patches of stone matrix that contribute rustic texture. I wire wrapped the chrysoprase tumbled stone using 14 gauge copper wire, intending the front of the pendant to be the smoother face of the stone. The stone is held by the tension in the opposing ends of the wire and a tiny amount of jeweler's epoxy under the hanging loop. I then antiqued the copper, buffing it to restore some bright highlights and applied a thin coating of wax. I knotted the wire wrapped chrysoprase pendant onto black cotton cord and custom fabricated a hook and eye closure from copper. The dark copper accents the brown markings within the stone and sets off the bright green chrysoprase beautifully.

The necklace cord is finished to 29-inches (about 74cm) long but can be shortened at no charge for a personalized fit. The stone and copper pendant adds 2.25-inches or about 57mm.

If you prefer to wear this green stone pendant on a chain, please inquire about options and pricing.

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