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Chrysocolla Red Jasper Necklace, Asymmetrical Necklace with Torii Inspired Stone and Wire Pendant, Sterling Silver Copper and Jasper Necklace



This chrysocolla and red jasper necklace is full of contrasting colors, textures, and materials. Tumble-polished jasper and chrysocolla stones, raw hewn chrysocolla beads, and tiny round red jasper stone beads are blended with copper wire, silver wire, and blackened sterling silver chain in this stylized Torii gate pendant. The colors of water and fire, rich brick red jasper and cool verdigris teal chrysocolla provide a pleasing color play while representing opposite earth elements. The stones and colors appear on opposite sides of the asymmetrical necklace as well. The color scheme of dark turquoise or teal and earthy brick red is one I use often, inspired by southwestern landscapes. Here, there's a serene nod to Zen design in the stacked stone pendant with its heavy copper wire element, suggestive of a torii gate or gracefully curved pagoda roof line. The Torii or torii gate, is an entrance to Japanese Shinto shrines, and represents the division between the mundane and the sacred. A fitting element in a design full of opposites.

Chrysocolla and red jasper Torii inspired necklace details:

  • Genuine chrysocolla natural stones
  • Red Jasper tumbled stone and stone beads
  • Copper wire
  • Sterling Silver Wire
  • Sterling Silver Chain
  • Chain is 16-inches long (40.6 cm)
  • Pendant adds 2-inches (51mm)

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